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Rakeback – as a component of income in pоker

If you think that the main part of the poker earnings of those plаyers who play professionally and not the first day consists only of their winnings, as well as the bonuses with which they are spoiled by the poker rooms – you are mistaken. In fact, these are not the only possible sources of income in poker. So, in particular, you can receive income from rakeback. What is rakeback, how it happens and how to earn it – our publication will tell you …
What is rakeback
Rakeback or the return of rake is called the phenomenon when the player is paid a portion of the profits that the pоker room receives. Moreover, this part of the profit is closely connected with the profit that the poker room gets from playing poker players here. As a rule, such payments are made to stimulate players to play in this institution, to invest in the game as much as possible. They use payment of rakebacks to attract new players who are attracted by the very prospect that the poker room will share their profit with them. At the same time, if you try to calculate what percentage of your income from playing poker can be rakeback, then these are quite tangible amounts as a percentage, because the more intense the game is, the larger the amounts accumulate from this game.
At the same time, in order for rakeback to be paid to you by the poker room – you do not need to be a successful poker player who only wins and never loses. Rakebacks are paid to players regardless of their luck, and professionalism in the game. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that for players, who, because of their lack of professionalism or inherent failure, play rakebacks as the only source of their income from the game.
However, in order to understand how all this works in practice, we suggest learning the basic mechanisms of racks.
Rakeback Mechanisms
So, we managed to find out that rakes are the shares of each bank that the poker room takes for it organizes the game of poker. As a rule, the size of the rake is five percent of the amount of the bank – but it is taken only if the flop is opened, and its upper limit is three to five US dollars – however, it mainly depends on the pоker room itself and limit in the game.

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