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Poker range balancing

Competent balаncing of your own rаnge puts your oppоnent in a more difficult position. And in order to make the right decision, he will be forced to put a lot of effort and spend more time. Of course, each poker player has its own characteristics and a certain manner of playing, which rather strongly distinguishes it from the general background. However, good players put a lot of effort in avoiding patterned behavior in situations that recur frequently. Thus, even an experienced opponent is quite difficult to carry out a high-quality hand reading and deal with their chances.
This is the essence of the balancing range. In order to implement it successfully, initially it will be necessary to put a lot of effort, forcing yourself to abandon the usual solutions. However, in the aftermath of the spent forces will surely bring decent wages.
Also, we must not forget that balancing makes sense only in the course of the game with those poker players who are trying to analyze the game of their opponents and draw conclusions based on the data obtained. Newbies almost never do it. That is why, to balance your spectrum while playing with fish does not make any sense at any of the limits.
The nuances of poker for money with regulars
The situation is completely different when playing with regulars. Even in situations where the best solution would be to raise, sometimes you need to call or even fold. Otherwise, an experienced opponent will quite quickly figure out what is what and after a few hands will begin to use the information obtained with benefit for themselves. That is why, you should alternate between different muvy, trying to confuse the enemy and acting as an extraordinary player.
Paying attention to balancing, it is very important not to forget to follow your opponents. In order to win, it is necessary to take into account the history of the draws with a specific opponent. This is due to the fact that general statistics sometimes does not reflect the qualities of an individual poker player.
In addition, in some situatiоns it is required to forget about balancing and make a decision that will be really optimal. After all, losing a big win, trying to “cover the tracks” – this is not the best option.

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