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Notes – what do they mean in poker?

Want to be a good pоker player? Prоve to all the people around you that earnings at poker can be as real as the monthly salary? Well, then you should be prepared to constantly improve your skills as a player, as well as follow the recommendations and advice of more famous and famous poker players, who, by the way, advise you if you want not only to participate in the game, but win in poker, be sure to make notes.
What are notes
Notes are short notes that you make during a game, and such notes relate primarily to your opponents. Practice shows that out of ten poker players, only two make such notes, and only two are satisfied with the results of such a game. And, although this is a somewhat figurative comparison, it gives us the opportunity to understand that making such short notes is not only useful, but really necessary.
Why do we need notes
Well, and unless, it is impossible to do without these short notes? Quite an expected question. Theoretically, of course, you can do without notes, but in practice, in a situation where you need to make the right decision, or win the stack, and not lose it – such notes become very useful. And, although you may think that making notes on your opponents on the poker table is a pointless exercise, especially since you are unlikely to ever again meet with these players. As practice shows, when you play at a certain limit, the number of players who can play with you is also limited. Accordingly, there are a lot of chances that you will have regulators – those players with whom you will play often. And, here you will find your early notes useful.
Notes are especially important if you are playing poker with a large stack. After all, for a game on a short stack, decisions are made even pre-flop, and after the flop you most often go to all-in or drop your hand. But if you have a full-stack game, then you should understand that you will need to go through all the streets, and the decisions you will make for each next street will naturally cost you more. Therefore, here you just can not do without knowledge of those players who are near you, about their style of play, and about their manner of behavior.

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